At DNA Mobile Roadworthys and Mechanical Services, we believe that prohibition is always better than cure and that the best way to avoid breakdowns is by having your vehicle regularly serviced.

Mobile Roadways

As a qualified & experienced motor mechanic, we are proud to offer mobile car repairs with a flexible and convenient solution for getting rid of all those scratches and niggling bumps on your vehicle. We have a fleet of vans with mobile mechanics that cover the Sunshine Coast and Noosa.

Logbook and general services

Regular servicing is the key to maximizing the value of your vehicle. New vehicles should be serviced in line with their log book guidelines and older vehicles should also be serviced constantly. We utilize genuine parts where possible and only top standard lubricants. It is not possible to give an actual price as servicing requirements are dependent upon the mileage and age of your vehicle.

Air Conditioning Repair & Regas

Whether it is an extremely bad smells, hot air, annoying noises, or no air, DNA Mobile Roadworthys and Mechanical Services can assist. We see numbers of faulty air conditioners each year, giving us the knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair your issue in the least time and at the best price for you.

Steering And suspension

At DNA Mobile Roadworthys and Mechanical Services, we are experts at the suspension and steering repairs and maintenance. Bring your car for a high-quality service at a vying price. Your car's steering and suspension are designed to maximize your tyres friction and contact with the road to allow for safe and comfortable driving.

Break &clutch repairs

It actually helps when your brakes function well! You should get in contact at the first sign of an issue. Bring your vehicle in and your brake issues will be diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. When you have problems with your car's clutch, you may hear some sound coming from your clutch when you are trying to change gear, or you could have just travelled so many miles that your clutch is due for service.

Timing Belt replacement

Belts and hoses are small but very essential items in a car, although without them the car systems would all break down. For complete repair of a hose or inspection of the wear and tear on the fan belt, make an appointment as soon as possible with us.

Truck Servicing & Repairs

DNA Mobile Roadworthys and Mechanical Services are a client friendly business that provides a complete truck repair servicing and repairs targeted at the whole car market in Sunshine Coast and Noosa. We will be utilizing upgraded equipment for all the truck repair and service.

Trailer & Caravan Repairs

At DNA Mobile Roadworthys and Mechanical Services, we provide a wide range of repair services including Trailer & Caravan Repairs. We are radically a professional mechanical repair and service centre. We have an array of batteries in stock. Ask one of the professional for advice as to which form would best suit your requirements.

Hours of operation:

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